At Rugby League Sports Management, our services include:

  • Legal Advice – Free Service
    Our legal personnel ensure you understand your rights, obligations and are protected in all your contractual dealings

  • Financial Planning
    We assist in helping you plan for long term financial security

  • Superannuation – Free Service
    We assist in helping you make the best choice for your situation

  • Fitness Assistance – Free Service
    Our fitness experts help you develop a health and fitness program to be your best

  • Insurance Arrangements – Free Service
    Our staff will assist in finding you the best cover for the lowest price for all your insurance needs

  • Media Exposure – Free Service
    Our in-house media journalist is a freelance writer and regularly writes for many sports magazines including Rugby League Week and Insport Magazine in addition has interviewed many sports stars on radio.

  • Sponsorship Opportunities – Free Service
    Our long reaching long standing commercial relationships with corporate sponsors allows us to negotiate the best deal for you

  • Higher Education – Free Service
    If you wish to obtain an education or improve your current credentials we can help arrange to find the appropriate education provider

  • Welfare Support - Free Service
    Our in-house welfare worker is available for you to contact at any time you feel you need assistance

  • Career Planning - Free Service

  • Investment Strategy